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12th January 2008, 20:51
Was wondering if anyone had any pics of the Girl Ann that a could see? She was ma uncles boat back in the 90's and she went to Portavogie a think!



12th January 2008, 22:23
Cant finde eany photos Willie but spent a week sailing out of Crinan with Peet Currie on the Girl Ann

13th January 2008, 12:10
How big was she willie ?

13th January 2008, 14:05
She was 50 feet and was built at Anstruther in 1968 good we boat

13th January 2008, 14:38
Cheers robert just wondering as ive got the trustful from tarbet and she was called girl ann thats all m8 ....thanks

13th January 2008, 16:31
i will take you some photos the next time she is in portavogie m8...a good wee boat,there is a deawoo in her now...

13th January 2008, 18:10
She had an old Kelvin when I was on her she had no gutting shelter and a pedestal power-block the winch was set for and aft the wire had to be guided on with crowbars

14th January 2008, 20:18
that would be great william cheers bud. ma uncle had the front left window of the wheelhouse blown out of her one night by a wave steaming from uig to lochmaddy. she was a grand boat going by all accounts though

14th January 2008, 23:42
yeah she is willie,the current owner tried to get her under the ticket size and altered the stern,so when you get them you will see it.............

13th March 2008, 17:14
My dad had thisd boat built at smith and hutton anstruther 1967 she was built with a striaght stem but was just over the 50 foot and he had to get her under the 50 foot to scienenet in the firth of fourth the boat builder tried to shave away the stem post but my grandfather was a very purticular man and made them take the stem out altogether and they put the queen mary stem in it was the whole width of the tree trunk while they were building her the yard boss would run whenever he saw my grandfather coming i have some photos of her coming down the slipway with the straight stem and 1 or 2 of her getting planked the boat and wheelhouse was admiered from miles around people still talk about her looks and good sea keeping in port seton today