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High Lights
21st May 2011, 16:38

MyShipPassion is where ship enthusiasts and spotters connect over a mutual passion!

22nd May 2011, 23:25
Perhaps so,but on looking at the front page it would seem that its being run by the one same person !Of all the sites I have been a member of Trawler Photos Admin staff and members have a real loyal subject and a passion which is the said Trawler Photos.Perhaps I may have fired broadside on but I have very happy memories born on this site and have been asssisted in many ways by admin and members,thank you.

Totally agree with you ,a waste of space.Admin on T/P are good,same rules apply for all.SOME members on there posting under differant names on other sites dont know why,ONE user name ONE site is the general rule i think.....