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ricki johnston
12th January 2008, 09:53
this week first week bak creels all over the tows cant get towin in bad weather incase of gettin wrapped up or just the fact of loosin fishin time and poor prawns last year wee were steaming in to invarary to land and put a bouy and about 30fm of rope in prop if it wasnt for the fact wee had a flexi coupling it would have cost a fortune its a pity for the better boys tats at it as they might feel t pinch if something ever does happen before the smaller boats end up givin up th clyde fishing is getting smaller all the time its our future boys you can see places where u got all good prawns now its more tails if the money comes back out of tails with the amount of poor poor tails tat got landed last summer and no good prawns tats it men without jobs and familys poorer in campbeltown there is a very lak of jobs vestas is payin men of all the time. wee have to increase mash size panels lighter twin in codends its all money do they have 2 do tat no there creels fish 24/7 us 5 days it should either b fri 2 sun night or let them work 5 days 2 c how they get on not being able 2 fish because theres 3or4 trawlers there first im not askin 2 ban them but a limit or smthing from caradale 2 the cock in dec there was over 5000creels fishing 24/7 from minard 2 invarary there was about t same an guard bouys obj gettin made and flung over the side both myself and the golden strand got stars made of angle bar with edges sharpened with a grinder i got it at start of sweep and it coiled right up 2 net s0 i had 2 cet new sweeps police no1 helped so r wee going 2 get walked all over or do somthing things r bad enough with the price of fuel

red john
20th January 2008, 18:06
hey ricki, this is an increasing problem up in the skye area. rogue elements shooting dummy ends,etc etc,blocking the ground from other fishers. have sent you a pm, feel free to phone anytime. will keep you posted on matters either through this board or pm. there is room for both sectors to work together, just seems that a rogue element is creeping into the static sector and they will spoil it for everyone. this industry needs to unite, NOT FIGHT WITH EACHOTHER. a bit of communication/common sense and we could all work in unison as opposed to the constant squabbling. fortunately the creelers up this way have not turned to dumping objects that will damage gear, or worse still, dump objects that could endanger life/limb. see you get a few prawns this week. good fishing to you :-)

ricki johnston
26th January 2008, 03:27
thanks 4 reply bud my email address is edited out to stop you getting spammed Ricki , send Email addresses by PM , Davie Tait Admin send m mail ill seend u ma number get a yarn about

red john
8th February 2008, 19:18
hello ricki, meeting went well last week, quite a few there despite foul weather, there is to be another meeting on the 7th march at 7pm, will e-mail details. hope it went well with the engineer mannie:)

quiet waters
22nd February 2008, 19:14
didn't realise there was creel problem in the clyde, where are the creel boats based? 5000 between carradale and skipness, i suppose they are set all the way up the deep from the boom up. we used to have a problem with them in the deep water west of gigha, the carradale boys weren't slow in towing them away when the need arose. we used to get a grip of them quite often and i know how bothersome it is to haul and find them all thru your gear with ropes all wrapped round the doors. its often worth losing a tow just to get shot of them on your tow, they eventually get the message, then i read about the things they are using that are designed to damage a net, i think drastic action is called for, a saturday afternoon with a good grapple shackled to your tow wire might be the answer, tow the buggers onto the shore and dump them. i'm bloody sure i wouldn't put up with some johnny come lately setting gear where i'd towed for years, but then i see pics of boats towing in places they would never have been near in my day, the "clean gear" brigade and the visitors from south and west of CN

red john
3rd March 2008, 09:12
the closures semm to be part of the problem. on a friday as the trawlers are going ashore, the creel boats are steming out to shoot on the tows, this is bad enough but when the weather is poor they dont get them cleared on a sunday and the trawlers go out and end up either having to avoid irresponsibly shot gear or risk ropes in the propeller and extra weight on gear which can cause hydraulic hoses to burst causing more expense. also objects being deliberately dumped to damage nets, which could be even worse and injure crew. when will this be clamped down on. at present in the skye area, there is a 6month closure for herring/sprat conservation. this has been in place since 1981/1982 with little research on its effectiveness. the problem here is that creel boats trying to book their ground for the closure (1 october-31 march) shoot on the tows as early as late august/early september restricting trawl area. it also takes a month to get trawl area at the re-opening on 1st april. trawling has had technical measures legislated and enforced rigourously while static boats increase in numbers and ammount of creels worked. days at sea, mesh sizes, cod closures etc. in september a document was doing the rounds in edinburgh mentioning creel limits, U8m-800, U10m-1200, 10/12m-1500, over12m-1800. at present the bigger boats are currently working 2-3 times these limits. although still quite high, it would be a start. this would also free up ground for the creelers who have responsible numbers who would then be able to move gear giving the grounds a rest. at present they just haul and shoot in the same place, which is what has happened in the torridon box. this is showing drastic signs of decline from scientific research(approx %40decrease of catchrates in 5years)
quitwaters/ricki johnston, sent you PM.
good fishing to you this week