View Full Version : Adolph Bermpohl

10th April 2011, 21:23
If anyone has ever seen the Graupner kit for the Adolph bermpohl dutch rescue cutter, this is something ineresting i just found advertised here in norway.
Its a sister ship, although not described as such im pretty sure.
Shes up for 80 grand, the ultimate pond model!


12th April 2011, 08:20
Need a Bloody big pond for that AndWaahs, try Oslofjord !!!!!!!!!! it would be good flying round the Harbour (Seaham).

14th April 2011, 21:35
A snip at that price...would they take a cheque!!!

14th April 2011, 22:21
if they would a think i would give it a go, boing!!!
mackem, from what i hear i think it would be on its own in the harbour these days, awful shame but the wheels of progress must grind on..