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Paul Walker
7th January 2008, 15:52
I'm trying to locate my late fathers boat the Girl Dorothy BK174. The boat operated out of Seahouses and was eventually sold to a chap in Scotland (St Abbs i think) during June 1980, but have not been able to trace it from there. Can anyone offer any information to the boats current location or indeed how i can locate it? Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Davie Tait
7th January 2008, 16:03

That shows her history from the date that the EU records start , I'm sure this is her. It does show that her registry was cancelled on the 11th of December 1997. Whether or not she was sold to private owners or decommissioned I don't know


Paul Walker
7th January 2008, 21:50
Her number was first registered with BK174. Is it possible that she could of laterly been given new numbers i.e. KY145 and the KY250?

15th January 2008, 21:14
she belonged to a steven small of anstruther for a while, in the 90s. used for prawning and clams . no idea where she went when sold but will ask steven when i see him he is cox. of anstruter lifeboat and has another boat SANELA now.i have a pic of the 2 boats side by side somewhere will post when find..

Paul Walker
20th January 2008, 22:35
Thanks for the info Jonah, any details/photos you can find would be hugely appreciated. Cheers!

21st January 2008, 21:38
heres a photo of girl dorothy when steven small had her .thats his replacement boat inside her a steel under 10mtr. says on pic she was decommed 1997 but im not sure mebey someone else will know jonah.

Paul Walker
26th January 2008, 17:12
Hi Jonah, thanks for that, but I can't see/find the photo. Can you send an email to my private email address, so that I can pick it up from there. Cheers, Paul

26th January 2008, 17:26
Use the search facility on the gallery!
Jonah has been good enough to answer your initial question, and then has even hunted out a pic for you. Surely you can make the effort to find it in the galleries;)

27th January 2008, 00:40
Hi Paul,

I sailed on and skippered the Dorothy '89 - '91 for Stevie Small. He bought her from Ullapool early '88, she was still BK 174 then changed to KY 146 then eventually KY 250, she was sold to Kerrera (Oban) in '97 when Stevie got his new boat (Sanela) but unfortunately I think the lad that bought her decommissioned her.
The old perkins engine got replaced with a ford 120hp in '88. I've a lot of happy memories from my time aboard her, she was a cracking wee sea boat she got a shelter and net drum aboard her whilst I was there and also made a few bob at the clams with her towing 3 a side.
I still skipper Sanela for Stevie now and again and know he has loads of photos of the Dorothy and also has a nice oil painting of her.
I will ask him for more info and see if it's ok to forward you his e.mail address.

Paul Walker
10th February 2008, 16:48
Hi Dave

Thanks for all the info on dad's boat, its all becoming quite nostalgic really. I only wish I had researched this a few years ago.... I have fond memories from the days when Dad (Freddie) owned her, quite vivid actually... I worked on the boat during the school holidays/weekends from about the age of 10 until I was 16. Dad passed away in January '81 after a long illness. I do have my own boat now, operating dive charters off the Farne Islands from March until October, but not quite like the days when we were trawling for cod on the middle bank or pulling kreels up and down the coast off seahouses

The first boat Dad owned was the Winner. It was owned previously by my grandad Henry Walker on Holy Island - i think dad gave/sold it to my Uncle Ernest who lives in Montrose.....

Kind regards