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11th January 2007, 08:50
photos are the best and website is very good

Rob Andrew
8th February 2007, 13:26
I've not long posted a comment in the general discussion about trawler photos forum - I should have floated it here.

How about a "forum" where folk could leave questions about boats of interest to them. I'd quite like to see something of my Buckie grandfather's steam drifter Connage. I've posted the only photo I have, but I know there are others. Maybe there's another out there in some-one's album they'd be willing to post.

Does it sink or swim?

Dave Leishman
8th February 2007, 22:12
Thanks fish - nice to know the site's appreciated :)

Rob - it swims! I'll make the necessary changes to the forums this weekend.

9th February 2007, 11:01
good idea, I'm busy writing up history of boatyards from Berwick on Tweed to Aberdeen, and am always looking for help, would be good to have somewhere to post questions

Dave Leishman
11th February 2007, 01:26
New request and research forum is available for use :)

Rob Andrew
3rd March 2007, 18:29
This could be too trivial to be worth consideration, but, how about a section in the Gallery for things like Pleiades's Postman Pat emblem, or Heather Sprig's sprig. I'm sure I saw Tigger in Buckie and thre's a few starlight rays, too.

I'll post two to show what I'm on about. They can be deleted without reference to me.


3rd March 2007, 19:13
Built 1901 of steel by Smith's Dock shipbuilding Co. North Shields Yard no.656 for Smith's Dock Trust As NINE YH543
77grt L80ft b18ft d 8.2ft
16 inch compound engine by Maccoll andpollock of Sunderland 22hp
1914 sold to A. Murray (Lockie) & others named CONNAGE BCK 197
1920 sank at Scarborough but salved
War service Pennant number 2907
16 July 1935 Scrapped

Rob Andrew
3rd March 2007, 20:35
That's my grandfather's boat right enough, and it's him you name.

Any photos would be good to see - I've posted the only on I have, but I've seen another. I think I posted a painting on Shipsnostalgia.com

3rd March 2007, 21:12
Was that the same Murrays that had the seine netter Amaryllis BCK55

Rob Andrew
4th March 2007, 10:59
Yes, that's the folk. My mother was Lockie's daughter Martha, so Amaryllis was Uncle Georgie's boat then Cousin George's - if you can rely on what I picked up as a kid who never paid attention to that sort of thing. Anyway, both my brother and I have happy memories of getting aboard Amaryllis in Buckie. Being shown over a proper boat was a big deal for Foggie loons.

Should be on another Buckie boat soon. Anne Scott's promised me a wee excursion on the Lifeboat.


4th March 2007, 11:28
Was at the school same time as George, and knew John as well. The book that supplied the info is Called Steam Drifters recalled
Portgordon to Portsoy by Reid and Williamson.it is available from the library and is very well researched.