View Full Version : Achovies fishing

4th January 2008, 13:13

Davie Tait
4th January 2008, 16:37
Oh fer onys sakes , Anchovies were being caught by the big pelagic trawlers 90nm North of Flugga , Shetlands , back in 1992 in FEBRUARY in shots up to 90-100 tonnes !!!!. I wish the BBC would use REAL scientists and not these "its ALL GLOBAL WARMING" idiots that they quote all the time !!!!!

Anchovies are COMMON in the NE Atlantic , have been very common in the Channel before ( there was a BIG fishery for them up to WW2 ) and most people cannot tell the difference between a Pilchard and an Anchovie ( ok the fishermen should but I know "scientists" that had to continually check the ID books !! )