View Full Version : Seal was bitten by 'great white' (BBC)

Davie Tait
3rd January 2008, 22:32

No great surprise , our water is more than warm enough for them to survive and there are plenty of Seals around the coast so we can but hope they "trim" the seal population lol

4th January 2008, 00:05
and who says theres no justice in the world. the poor shark will have a job getting the bad taste out of his mouth.lol

4th January 2008, 09:28
"experts have claimed". I usually switch off when I read this in an article. Experts claim teas bad for you, then good for you, then it gives you cancer, then it prevents it etc etc. Alright they state the expert in question is a lifeboat man so he may know about boats and has a biology degree and has possibly read a book on sharks. But expert! Another scaremongering media excercise, don't killer whales attack seals? What if it died and got slashed on a rock or something? In times gone by people used to kill seals and cut them to scare other seals away as well? And a foot long gash is a rubbish attempt by a great white surely, or have a watched to many jaws films!:D

Davie Tait
4th January 2008, 10:25
Been confirmed as a possible Great White attack by Dr Ken Collins, of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. The guys at the NOC know their stuff and there are volumes of reference books with thousands of photographs to compare the damage to. A good mate of mine , one of the Scientists at the Marine Lab , came face to fin with a Great White when he was on holiday in Devon a few years ago and believe me he wouldn't have put his reputation on the line if he wasn't absolutely sure lol.

There was an organised Bluefin Tuna angling trips out of Whitby 100 years ago catching fish up to 500kg+ so where they can survive a Great White can.

The Porbeagle shark is the 1st cousin of the Great White and even looks almost identical just different colours , and their biggest breeding area in the NE Atlantic is between Scrabster and the west of Shetland in Jan-March !!!

There was a Great White seen chomping on Seals by some Salmon cages up in Shetland 15 years ago. Had its head clean out of the water which is a Great White only trick , a Porbeagle only eats fish and wouldn't put its head out of the water ( I spoke to 3 people , including the farm manager , who had seen it but were afraid to go public in-case they were ridiculed )

Without seeing the photos i'm only 50/50 but i'm more than willing to believe its possible

Davie Tait
4th January 2008, 11:36
I have managed to grab a photo off the BBC news report showing the bite marks very clearly and it is definitely a Shark having a feed. I have Email'd the photographer to ask permission to upload the photo and if he does agree I will upload it into the gallery if not then fair enough that is his choice entirely.

No one can upload a screen grab of the seal until i get permission ( only me even then ) and if someone does upload it it will be taken down until permission has been cleared.


Davie Tait
4th January 2008, 15:50

All 5 available photos direct from Chris Taylor himself with permission !!

Definitely a shark bite don't want one of those biting yer bum when your in for a swim lol

5th January 2008, 00:11
fair enough! That is a monster bite alright.Intresting story about the one off Shetland, if I was paranoid I'd think twice about taking a swim on the west coast of Lewis:D had no idea the sightings go years back, the press would have you believe its an entirely recent issue. Pity the blue fin aren't about anymore as well...

Barend from Harlingen
6th January 2008, 10:48
Looking at its blubber layer the bitten seal seemed quite healty before it was bitten. I wonder what dissection of this seal will learn.

Davie Tait
6th January 2008, 10:54
That we probably will not find out Barend. The autopsies on cetations are usually not made public to protect the scientists who do them ( we have nutters in this country who would attack them , hell they have even attacked Paediatricians - specialist childrens doctors - mistaking them for paedophiles !! )