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30th December 2007, 15:46
Anyone tried squid jigging around the North of Scotland? The trawlers are getting a few and theres eggs on the creel ropes so they are there, not really heard of anybody trying for them with small boats though. Too patchy?


30th December 2007, 18:18
Me and my granda did try once this summer just off of Crovie. We didnt get anything but we did see a few of them swimming under and past the boat, so they were there.

1st January 2008, 23:05
Always fancied trying jigging too, read a bit about it once, but unfortunately..... there is none and will never be any squid down here ;)

4th January 2008, 09:19
got some jigs so when the crab goes off up here I'll have to give it a blast. I used to work on ships, over the Far East the boats used to attract them to the surface with massive halogen lighting rigs, the squid then gathered in the shade under the boat. Is it a case of not having tried hard enough over here or are they really just a more elusive species round Britain?

Found this on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbbPZEh8aH8
squid jigging in Newfoundland can't be that different to over here! Now wheres that three phase geny and flood light....

4th January 2008, 16:28
We had the geny and the lighting. There were lots of little fish attracted but just a few squid.

7th January 2008, 00:49
The late John Bowman of the Unity also had a small 16 footer he got her rigged with a structure standing about 5 foot high all round the perimeter of the boat and had a 240 gennie just to try its effectiveness he and his cousin went out off Pittenweem one summers night and switched on the sodium floods (it looked like a standby boat anchored off the toon) anyway he later told me there were swarms of them coming up to about one or two feet from the surface then darting away down again.
A few weeks later he gave me a couple of squid jigs he said to give them a try but to be very very patient as it could be hours and hours before you started to catch any but once you started he said there would be virtually no stoppin them. I only tried it the once but unfortunately ran out of patience.
John also had another boat the Enterprise which he had converted to the ring net I think he had intended using the 16 footer with the lights to attract the squid then shoot round them with the ring net , unfortunately he never ever got the chance to try this out.

7th January 2008, 20:59
Cheers for that very interesting! The ring net idea you mention with the wee boat in them middle with the lights- read somewhere thats how they catch them off California, seriously massive hauls as well. The boats I've seen over in the far east have the lighting rig mounted between the aft and main mast shining out as well as down, the lights attract the squid and they then take refuge in the shade under the boat. You then go at them hammer and tong with the jigs!

They seem to be laying eggs everywhere at the moment, the creels in 30fthms have a few but inshore where we have gear near reefs in about 12fthms they are just covered with egg sacks! Hopefully have a try first calm evening.