View Full Version : image uploading

10th January 2011, 15:14
has anyone noticed a problem with uploading since the new site format was put into ops.i seem to wait a long time for the processing page to change and then instead of getting the second page where you can alter descriptions i get sent back to the gallery and the pics dont appear.this happens with multiple or singular uploading.any advice please?

Davie Tait
10th January 2011, 15:38
Ricky its the size of the images your trying to upload thats the problem , the site is set to 1024x768 and if you try to upload anything bigger than about 2400x1200 the site freezes as it tries to resize the image and tells you its been uploaded but has timed out and lost the file. If you make sure your photos are no more than 1500x1100 they will upload without any problems.


10th January 2011, 17:05
thanks Davie,yes i should already know that but i am used to uploading straight from my camera so i guess i have inadvertantly adjusted the settings somewhere.i will try to rectify the problem and see what happens.many thanks again and a special happy new year to all on the site.long may it continue to feed the cravings of us fish mad addicts