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10th January 2011, 14:58
Can Anyone please tell me what techniqe was used to paint the super structure of side winder's most were like a tan coulor with kind of streaks inany help please . Judda

10th January 2011, 19:45
it's callerd "scumbling", judda.
I'm sure much more learned modellers than i can explain better, but it is usually put on in two coats......the under coat of the darker colou is applied first, and left to dry.....then the outer colour is applied thinly and as it is going off, it is "grained" with either a very stiff bristled brush or a small tool similar to a comb, to give the graining effect.

Will taylor
10th January 2011, 20:11
Hi Judda, "Scumbling"......I painted wheelhouse and galley all over with a medium brown artists acrylic paint. On that, outline the panels with fine pencil and fill in with a yellow/brown acrylic paint. It doesn't matter if there are brush marks on this as long as your brush strokes run in the same direction as the graining. I then take a copper coloured gel pen and work in the graining. This follows with a popcorn (off-white) coloured gel pen and apply this randomly in the graining and smudging it as I go. Once you are happy with that, I outline each panel with a black gel-pen. The whole work is then coated with a satin varnish which should bring it to life. This was my second attempt and purely experimantal. The results are now 3 years on with much sailing in all conditions and I have to say that it is wearing very well. You can see my results on the following link. Happy painting. Will