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Cam Watterson
9th January 2011, 14:01
i was given a hull by some friends that found it at a tip. i thought it colud be a herring lugger but i'm not to sure. the hull measures just over 36 ins long (bow of boat to stern) and just under 11 ins wide, from the end of the bow sprit to the stern its just over 47 ins long. does anybody have any idea what this could be or have any info or plans for somthing like this. i'll put the pics in the model boats gallery.
many thanks

Davie Tait
9th January 2011, 14:45
Looks like an old pond model , probably close to 100 years old Cam , looks more like a small sailing coaster than a fishing boat though but could easily be altered to look like a herring boat

Cam Watterson
9th January 2011, 20:09
thanks Davie i'll see if i can gets a set of plans for her.

Cam Watterson
9th January 2011, 20:43
just realised it also looks like a manx nobby, like this one http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=11180&title=1901-built-manx-nobby-gladys&cat=981

1st August 2011, 12:15
It has the look of a Bristol Pilot Cutter with the ropework that supports the mast. Lots of info on the web and drawings are available from different sources.

31st August 2011, 15:02
Yep I'd agree with Davie old pond model and looks like a carved out hull from a solid piece of wood. Good luck with a plan they'll be something abouts that'll siut


3rd September 2011, 21:19
Hi Cam,
Fascinating. A pond yacht definately, possible cutter or coastal schooner, .......... suggest a Google search for Coastal Schooners., or a look in Schooner Sunset, available on Amazon. Any lead in the keel? If you drop me an email with attachment photo, I'll put it past a mate of mine at Bartlett Library, Falmouth Maritime.
Fascinating project. Look forward to seeing your work on her and her sailing. I use Egyptian cotton for the sails.
Best wishes,

Cam Watterson
3rd September 2011, 21:31
hi John, i wont being doing much on this for a while because ive got a few trawler hulls to get through first. there is lead in the keel. you can just take one of the photos that ive posted one her already, thanks to Modelboat and Martin aswell for the information. also Martin she is hollow, i noticed that when i knocked on the deck and it echoed

4th September 2011, 07:19
Hi Cam,
Contacted one of my mates and he replied that ...............................
"The images are very small so its difficult to see any details, if there are any. That hull shape with the straight bow & counter stern is old, ie Victorian, similar to fishing smacks. By the 1920s few boats of this shape were built.

Suggest maybe Victorian, probably pre 1914, very likely pre 1930 & possibly originally a fishing smack."
Will let you know if I hear more.

Cam Watterson
5th September 2011, 15:11
thanks for the info John, if you click on the pictures, it makes them bigger. the help has been very appreciated.