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6th December 2010, 09:37
Initial reaction from me is that I don't like the new layout.

The Gallery is simply too cluttered. I don't see any point in giving the counts or the latest photograph.

Sorry, I'm a ludite, if it ain't broke don't fix it.


6th December 2010, 09:44
Also, when you initially get into a gallery section with the photo/name/number of comments etc it is most confusing to have the name banner below the photo so the comments appear beside a photo that isn't associated. The name banner has all the appearance of a separator between items but it isn't. The eye/brain (mine anyway) is easily confused into grouping the information wrongly. Once you get down to the actual photos and it looks just like the old site then everything is OK. Ian

6th December 2010, 10:24
sorry lads but not struck on this new set up............will get used to it i suppose

Davie Tait
6th December 2010, 12:49
We are working to get it put back the way it was. When we moved to the latest version of the forum software it changed the layout of the gallery. If we leave it as it was changed we cannot see if there has been any comments in any of the galleries only if there has been new uploads.

We're doing our best to get it fixed

Davie Tait
6th December 2010, 12:55
OK gallery changed back just now but as I say there's no way to see when new comments have been made , I will try to work on it this afternoon once I get home

6th December 2010, 15:18
I have made a link in the Menu below the banner whit a link to Resent photos 1 and 7 days, it shows now

Davie Tait
6th December 2010, 15:25
Henning is it possible to embed a search for the most recent comments in the gallery ( I am having to use search , select comments , 1 day ) that would help a lot

6th December 2010, 15:34
OK take a look on it, there are a lot of thongs to adjust in forum and gallery, all suggestion are welcome!

11th December 2010, 14:23
i suggest you leave the THONGS alone, and get the comments back to the way they were,,, not much cope like this....

Debra and Kenny
11th December 2010, 15:03
I rarely come on here despite it being first boat site I joined...
I always found the layout terrible to follow.... (probably just me lol)
I haven't checked through everything yet but I have to say it looks to be a LOT better than it was...hope you get your wee bits sorted, but it certainly looks a lot more appealing to me so far....
-well done :D Debs

13th December 2010, 20:53
Any chance of getting the last comment column back plus the font size the same as before? I know some of the older viewers need the larger size, my father included!

Davie Tait
13th December 2010, 21:12
I've had a look in the settings and can't see where to change the text size but there is a way to do it yourself.

Hold down the Ctrl key ( bottom left along from the space bar ) and tap the + button ( next to the backspace key upper right ) and that will increase the text size , if you go too big hold Ctrl and tap the - key.

We are working on the last comment column as they only way to do it just now is to use the search key in the gallery.

Click on Search and set it in the same way my image has