View Full Version : Minivan accident off Channel Tunnel

Barend from Harlingen
18th December 2007, 23:16
Last mondaymorning, december 17, the skipper and crew of PD-147 "Enterprise" were driving from Urk to Le Havre, where their vessel was moored. Just off the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, two Iraqi men were crossing the motorway in an attempt to reach this tunnel, probably with the intention to cross the border with the UK illegally. One of this men was hit by the minivan and was killed instantly. The French police arrived quickly at the scene, as they were chasing these Iraqi men already. The skipper of the PD-147, who was behind the wheel, was arrested, but could go home after taking a statement from him. The crew of PD-147 was taken by another minivan (of PW 447 "Louwe Senior") to their ship and set sail without this skipper.

Source: http://visserijnieuws.punt.nl/?id=367868&r=1&tbl_archief=&

Whatever the circumstances, may that Iraqi man rest in peace.