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3rd December 2010, 03:56
Photos of the old name boards for a Danish MFV called Tina Husted are in the galleries, posted by Danish. Does anyone have information about them please? David

4th December 2010, 17:09
See this image on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/molineli/3100625573/

5th December 2010, 15:41
Thanks for the link. I am interested in information about the old name boards because I own the vessel now. Tina Husted fished out of Denmark but I am not sure if she was transferred to the UK as a fishing boat or a decommisioned vessel. She is now in use as a sailing vessel.

5th December 2010, 17:16
There was another Tina Husted:
Build in Lemvig 1959 as Maren Kirk
Then L.522 Johanne Petersen
Scrapped as L.177 Tina Husted in 1992

7th December 2010, 23:50
Thank you Hyde. What source are you using for this type of information? I have searched for similar info about my own vessel but it is pretty thin stuff!

8th December 2010, 15:11
I found it on a danish forum website about commercial fishing, http://www.fiskeskibe.dk you have to be a member to see the threads, there are two user ssmarths and skjold, they know all about danish fishing vessels, according their information yours is build in 1947 and was named Tina Husted until 1988, callsign OYAC

8th December 2010, 15:13
As I can see photos of the nameboard is from the Marinestue in Thyborøn, maybe you can call them +45 9783180

9th December 2010, 16:09
Thanks again Hyde - some helpful leads for more information. My vessel is the 1947 one and the call sign matches what remains carved in the beam by the main hatch. I have added a photo of the vessel into the Danish decommissioned vessels section.