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1st December 2010, 21:20
Look at your cranes boys !!
I'm building a Model Slipway "Our Lass" kit to represent the Reliance 11 BF 800
Bellrock Models do what looks like a very nice kit of parts for an MKB 7 but I know that the Reliance has an MKB 13.
Thistles website isn't working properly at the moment, so I cant get any info. from that.
The question I'd like you to help me with is - apart from the lifting capacity, is there much (any) physical difference in size between the two, or, to put it another way, will I spoil the look of the model by fitting the MKB 7.
Best Wishes

2nd December 2010, 07:38

The main difference between the two cranes is that the MKB crane has a kinked main section
The lifting capacities are basically the same
I have found that marine cranes are sometimes designed for the individual vessel
My MKB crane is based upon the one fitted to the Golden Sceptre by Macduff Shipyards
I have a drawing of my cranes if this would help

2nd December 2010, 08:17

I have had a look at pics of Reliance 11
In the context of the crane fitted my MKB7 crane with fixed powerblock mount is virtually identical
The only difference being the decals
Perhaps a member can help with a better pic of the aft end of the boat
I will pm Bill Wood and see if he has a better pic
Do you have a pic of the decals
The decals can be supplied to suit

bill wood
2nd December 2010, 21:45
Sorry guys but I am not round the ports so often now.
If i see the boat i will get photos and measurements.