View Full Version : This cold weather...

Davie Tait
1st December 2010, 14:06
Just saw the main BBC forecast and on Thursday evening into Friday they're saying the record for cold temperature could be broken. They said up to 6'' of snow from today into tomorrow then Thursday night could be anything from -25'c down to -30'c with the current record at -27.2c

So this is "global warming".......... suppose compared to absolute zero ( -273.15c ) lol

28th December 2010, 22:28
can just about remember the winter of 1962/63 snow on the ground from Dec to back end of Feb (if my memory serves me correct)....my old man was stuck (iced in) in Finland aboard the Glen owen ( a tramp steamer) he was sailing as 3rd mate as purdy had scrapped all the old coal burners and he was waiting of the arrival of the 'new breed' of trawlers....64 he returned to the fishing as skipper of SN36 Blacktail