View Full Version : mobile phone signal booster

28th November 2010, 22:10
anyone know anything bout how to get a boat phone the thing you set your mobile into and its connected to a aeriel on the wheelhouse roof to give you a better signal fed up walkin round the wheelhouse turnin my mobile in all sorts of shapes to get one bar and as soon as you try ringin anyone its gone again any help or even the proper name for it would be a start thanks:confused:

Davie Tait
28th November 2010, 22:21


Think thats what your looking for

28th November 2010, 23:01
thanks dave that looks good seen one for 120 pound odd then looked on ebay and can get it for 77.95 with free delivery once i knew what iwas lookin for wasnt to bad use to use one on the crabbers years back but i think technoglogy has moved on a little there a bit different nowadays