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David K
28th November 2010, 21:19
I have over the past year been building up a 1/1200 scale British Fishing fleet. Largely Comprising of boats I have seen. To make the boats accuratly enough I need to know their lengths however Have struggled to find these details for a number of boats.:confused:
These are the Boats I need to know lengths for:

CE694 Intreped
DA20 Karen Mary
LT572 Semper Victoria
PL4 June Rose
PL26 Chris Tacha
PL146 Manx Rose
PL200 Regal Star
RY8 Mary James
RY56 Anzac
RY148 Boy David
UK307 Jacoba
WD220 Shauna Leon
WY79 Good Intent
Z571 Custos Deus

Help with any of these boats would be much appriciated
Thank You
David Kelly

Cam Watterson
28th November 2010, 22:06
CE694 Intreped :9.95m
LT572 Semper Victoria : 17.20
PL26 Chris Tacha : 16.19
WY79 Good Intent :17.48
thats all i can get

martin johns
28th November 2010, 22:13
You'll find all the information you need here David.


Davie Tait
28th November 2010, 22:16
CE694 Intrepid 32.64ft/9.95m
DA20 Karen Mary 38.19ft/11.64m
LT572 Semper Victoria 56.43ft/17.2m
PL4 June Rose 32.28ft/9.84m
PL26 Chris Tacha 53.11ft/16.19m
PL200 Regal Star 32.48ft/9.90m
RY8 Mary James 32.74ft/9.98m
RY56 Anzac 32.77ft/9.99m
RY148 Boy David 30.41ft/9.27m
UK307 Jacoba 121.72ft/37.10m
WD220 Shauna Leon 80.21ft/24.45m
WY79 Good Intent 59.74ft/18.21m
Z571 Custos Deus 127.72ft/38.93m

Davie Tait
28th November 2010, 22:16
couldn't find the Manx Rose

David K
28th November 2010, 23:19
Thanks to everyone for those lengths and will certainally be usefull when I get building another batch of boats.