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Davie Tait
17th December 2007, 14:50
I have banned 2 accounts being used by the same person ( shaft the cat , master bates ). I will NOT tolerate anyone using multiple accounts to post and reply their own posts at any time. Spamming of the site will not be allowed and anyone who thinks that they can do so without being banned deserves the ban ( repeat offenders WILL be reported to their ISP for spamming the site ):mad: :mad: :mad:

Davie Tait
17th December 2007, 14:55
Offensive members names will be deleted without warning , this is a family site and if you cannot be decent enough to use a decent account name then there is no place for you here i'm afraid. Complaints have been made and action WILL be taken , any current account will be changed if it is offensive.:mad: :mad: :mad:

17th December 2007, 19:39
Support you 100% in this, Davie.

Davie Tait
18th December 2007, 12:41
Thanks for the support Graham , I have banned 4 further accounts for having very unsuitable names ( these accounts had only recently been set up and hardly used and I believe to be by the same person as the 2 already banned ).

We have a great membership , men women and youngsters interested in the Fishing industry and we must keep the site safe and open for all people be they Fishermen or just interested and from the UK to Argentine or Japan so can I remind everyone to keep to plain English please.

Davie Tait

Barend from Harlingen
18th December 2007, 16:40
Cannot agree more, Davie! But observing the success of this site, this will be a busy job in the near future, I think... take it easy and keep up the good work.

19th December 2007, 23:53
In another life I am an admin on a motorsport forum and I can tell you that we get no end of spammers. There are ways and means of getting rid of these people, but it is not an easy task.

I'm very impressed with the way that Davie is handling this situation.

26th December 2007, 20:38
sadly my two young daughters take after me and enjoy much to do with the sea and ships. It is really reassuring to know that you police the site well, Davie and I commend you for keeping the site both clean and safe.

well done and many thanks. Perhaps they could do with more people like your self on such sites as Ebay, which is rife with such sordid scams. many thanks, neil.

Davie Tait
26th December 2007, 21:28
Thanks for the support everyone. I do my best to make sure that the site is open and suitable for everyone of all ages. I am considering having more moderators and will consult the sites owners and Rob Andrew before announcing any new Mods.


27th December 2007, 18:34
Just joined late this month, you have my support as well:)

Irish Mariner
27th December 2007, 19:36
This site is a fantastic place for all people with an interest in things maritime and it is run very well and I find it very educational along with being very interesting. Gurriers who like to drag down the tone of it or blaggard it deserve to be named and shamed publicly. People like Davie Tait deserve our thanks for keeping the site going,as far as I am aware he does it in his own time,so a word of gratitude from all the Irish users (Im sure I can speak for us all). Best of luck in 2008 and we really look forward to our daily fix of trawlerphotos!