View Full Version : wheelhouse decals

9th November 2010, 13:43
can anybody tell me where i can get some decals of wheelhouse equipment ?
bow wave models used to do them , but i think they are not trading any more !

Manx Venture
9th November 2010, 15:42
i did 1 of my model wheelhouse out with the pics of electronics from the fishing news/irish skipper adverts, the screens are about same size, also sea angler magazine is glossy and has lots of adverts

bill wood
9th November 2010, 19:05
How about taking photos ,or scanning from brochures then scaling them to size on your computer before printing on to photo paper or slide transfer media


11th November 2010, 09:53
thanks lads for the idea's for the decals , will have a go !


23rd November 2010, 20:00
I would like to print on to Decal Ink Jet paper which I purchased yesterday, but dont have a clue where to begin? Is it possible to create the shading that is seen on the registration of fishing boats when printing on to this ink jet decal paper. Do I need some kind of programme? thanks fo help:confused:

Manx Venture
23rd November 2010, 21:56
when we piut the stickers on our boat we use 2 sets, 1 white on top and 1 coloured underneath so they overlap and look like shading so u could print 2 and do it that way

Davie Tait
23rd November 2010, 22:51
Here's a thought guys , if you've a camera handy in the wheelhouse take photos of the screens of the radar/plotter/sounder and post them in the reference pics section of the gallery that way anyone can print them out to scale for a model.