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Shambles Bank
18th October 2010, 21:37
Hello All.
I'm gonna be real cheeky with my 1st post. I am a retired shellfisherman from Portland, Dorset. Started off at 10 working the infamous Chesil Bank in a small open bot and ended up on the Big By out of Weymouth.
I am looking for an experienced Model Bilder to build either a model sliway "Our Lass II or if I can find it a "Maggie M" I would like the Maggie converted to a Channe Crabber if poss to remind me of the good ole days MAny thanks for reading this
Shambles Bank (john)

19th October 2010, 16:28
Maggie M is gettin redone so not on Sale but the Our Lass is a similar hull to some crabbers but a bit bigger but suppose could be rescaled to a 15 metre vessel the likes of the Swirengale

bill wood
20th October 2010, 14:12
Have a look for the crabber Heather K on this site

I made the model a few years ago and still have the moulds if anyone wants