View Full Version : 1/40 scale resin fish

26th September 2010, 16:49
does anyone know where i can get 1/40 scale resin fish from as i need then for my beamer model to fill the hopper
many thanks
Andy (tattooed)

bill wood
3rd October 2010, 08:30
Alan D uses rice, boiled for fish and unboiled for prawns. From his photos it looks quite impressive

3rd October 2010, 14:09
thanks for that bill i'll give that a try

bill wood
24th December 2010, 21:03
Have a look on e bay/model boats. There is a seller who sells resin castings and there are some fish included
Hope this suits

tom green
30th April 2011, 18:52
www.modelbouwshopnederland.nl some really smart details on this site really useful!!!!!

2nd May 2011, 22:10
a very interesting site with some greatmarine fittings .