View Full Version : steam trawler ISABELLA GREIG 1928 model plans

16th September 2010, 11:37
Hy all of you and have a nice day

This is my new post on this forum, and I want to know if is possible to find detalied model plans for historic steam trawler ISABELLA GREIG launched in 1928 by Hall Russell shipyard (and sunkt after 11 years - 17.12.1939) ?

all the best, nex

16th September 2010, 20:08
Aberdeen maritime museum hold some plans for Hall Russell, but sadly they destroyed many including line drawings of a lot of HR's ships.
try there, but if they don't have them, might be hard.

16th September 2010, 23:24
Thank you very much, Neil !

I understand that is situation....
I will try to find something.

thanks again, and all the best


bill wood
18th September 2010, 09:46
I have GRP hulls & dwgs for the Barbara Robb which was built about 1930 if that is any help

18th September 2010, 19:44
Thanks Bill, but for me is very special trawler Isabella Greig.
Thank you another for help.

Best regard, nex