View Full Version : Photos for new book needed

16th September 2010, 10:26
Hi, I'm writing a book about development of fishing techniques. I'm looking for photos that the copyright holder is willing to let me use in the book. Books seldom make much, if any money (unless they are a best seller), so I'm looking for photos without royalty payments (happy to mention photographers etc in the picture credits). Photos of interest would include pictures of all sorts of fishing tackle and associated equipment. Boat layout (including diagrams/plans), and interesting boat design.

So far, I'm particularly looking for:
Photo of net drum(s) with net that includes floats & bobbins.
Crab and lobster pots.
Stern trawler with a through deck (ie fishing deck that passes under the bridge) eg Ross Fame / Ross Futune.
Cabins & bunks both cramped and spacious.
Vacuuming fish from a hold.
Vacuum machinery.
Crab Aquaculture.
Shore Aquaculture.
Catamaran hulled fishing boat eg the Soviet Experiment
Buoys & floats used by fishing vessels incl. pneumatic.
Rope coiler.
Ariels / radio antenna.
Hydraulic crane.
Ramp at stern of trawler.
Inside of bridge.
Mess & Galley on board a modern boat.

I'd also like to be able to ask questions of someone with recent trawling experience who has a good understanding of the equipment.

All help appreciated. Thanks.