View Full Version : Coastal Queen BF 111

9th December 2007, 18:13
Hi has anybody got any pics of the Coastal Queen BF 111.

12th December 2007, 20:18
There's a photo here Valhalla. http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/image.php?i=126358&r=2&t=4&x=1

13th December 2007, 22:05
thanks for that ally.
much appreciated my farther used to skipper her for a brief period in the early 70,s

14th December 2007, 07:47
Remember the boat well Valhalla, i'm positive she used to fish out of Buckie for a while. Will have to ask the old man about that one.

19th August 2008, 19:09
The coastal queen used to work out of bck and at aberdeen at the se holes
and also a fair bit out of clash the skipprs name was tyke fae cullen i was on her in the 60s she was replaced by the marelann

9th January 2011, 22:04
My father owned the Coastal Queen in the 80s . Fished her from Ayr and Troon for prawns and stanton banks for monks and megrims .

8th May 2011, 21:42
i have a picture of the coastal queen at the portavogie trawler race from when we owned her. I will get it uploaded!