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27th August 2010, 20:10
Hi guys!
I used to work on the Kerloch J235 and the Saint Remy crabbing boats for quite a few years, a few years ago mainly out of the river Humber and Scotland, however I moved away from the sea to start a new career. So my question is from what I have read is that have both boats sunk??? PLease let me know as I know alot of the crew and would like to catch up with them again.


4th September 2010, 17:26
Sketch who was skipper of the St Remy stays around Birmingham,you will find him on facebook

9th September 2010, 10:29
yes both boats are gone mate, I have lost contact with most of the crews now, i just go too amadeus in holland and there are none of the old guys from the grimsby days left on it now, Scouse Dave was in Ilfracombe, I saw Sketch and Phil the foot at Tony De Gruchy,s funeral last year,

13th September 2010, 12:15
holy crap! thank you so much, was everyone ok? i worked with Sketch and Phil the foot, Mark ford, Nigel (Jock) any many others.

13th September 2010, 12:18
i cant remember what sketch's name was? it'll be nice to catch up with him on facebook.

16th September 2010, 17:38
Mick Sketchley was his name do a search for the Kerloch it went down off wales early this year, and the remy was bought by an irish company as i remember just to get the Niamn Anja into grimsby, then was sold n again and was lost not long after the new owners leftGrimsby with it

20th September 2010, 12:29
i also see Lee Marshall on sketch,s friends list on facebook

26th February 2011, 21:50
scouse dave is now the skipper of a boat called nemo from ilfracombe

26th March 2011, 20:41
Saint remy sank in the bay of biscay on the way to potugal with two cars on her deck fishing career finished no one was lost don't know who was skippering her then this was quite a few years back now

9th April 2011, 19:13
yes Sketch filled me in on the details

22nd April 2011, 17:37
The scouse Dave you mentioned would that be Dave Perry?

27th April 2011, 14:27
I never knew his second name , he worked on Burutu/ehroclydon and Amadeus among others i recall, and he could talk for england constantly rabbitting he was