View Full Version : Bay scallop dredging ban rejected ( BBC )

Davie Tait
6th December 2007, 20:28

Some good news for a change boys !!!

6th December 2007, 20:34
yea i know abt lyme bay i been scalloping there on provider E87 now is banned scallopers moved to shoreham for few weeks

6th December 2007, 20:47
Only good news if you dont work on a scalloper Davie!!! Have ye no compassion for the poor clam boys? :p

Davie Tait
6th December 2007, 20:56
hehe I served my time on the sidewinders hauling the net by hand and scooping the fish up off the deck so I know what a hard days work is lol These youngsters working on the new boats with the net drums , power blocks , hoppers with conveyors , fully shelterdecked in don't know they're living lol ( yes I know I really am that old lol )

Davie :p :eek: