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Davie Tait
5th December 2007, 22:45
I've decided , after prompting lol , to add in separate galleries for Scotland/England/Wales/Northern Ireland under both the over 9.9m and under 9.9m sections. Please start to post your photos into those galleries and move any already uploaded.

How these will work is simple , regardless of registration if a vessel is owned and operated by someone in one of the 4 countries then place the photo in that gallery.

Davie:eek: :D :rolleyes:

6th December 2007, 00:28
Is it the same situation with the additional info boxes as with the personal galleries (i.e. they don't show up)?

Good move though, things were starting to get a bit jumbled with the ever increasing amount of photos been uploaded.

Davie Tait
6th December 2007, 00:37
I'll add in the extra boxes in the morning , forgot about that when I set up the galleries. Hopefully all the info will still be there if not i've got hundreds of photos to re-edit........DOH!!!!!


Davie Tait
6th December 2007, 00:51
Done it just now and all the old data is there thankfully , forgot there was a shortcut to apply the changes to all the sub-categories lol. Call it being tired lol

Davie Tait
7th December 2007, 15:16
I've changed the settings so you can only upload photo's into the new galleries and can I ask you all to start moving your photo's as there are thousands in there and if the Moderating team starts moving them it will generate a lot of work and thousands of Emails ( you get an Email everytime we move a photo ).