View Full Version : Can any irishmen/women help me??

Alexander West
4th December 2007, 16:11
can anybody confirm for me where and what the gracious is doing now she was originay FR167 and then changet to G227 i was wondering if she is still fishing last time i heard she was in galway .any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

Irish Mariner
4th December 2007, 19:02
Hi Westy,

She does not appear to be on the Irish register any more, nearest vessel to her is G225 Mystical Rose 11 that was a Galway vessel now in Dunmore. Unless somebody has more detailed local knowledge, I will ask round. Presume she was built in the UK?

5th December 2007, 12:22
GRACIOUS (G227) Built 1957. Length 9.75m 4.43GT
Entered register at Galway in 1999 but retired 27/7/1999
The Registrar of Shipping at Galway (Anne Wynne) on Tel: 091 536 324 might be able to help since I didn't extract details from the records for vessels less than 14m.

Alexander West
5th December 2007, 20:09
yes she was built in tommy summers fraserburgh in the 1950s would be sad if i found that shed been scrapped

Alexander West
5th December 2007, 20:15
She was sold from fraserburgh in 1997 and went tol ireland but i saw her for sale about a year ago so her whereabouts now is unknown :(

8th December 2007, 13:34
gracious bought by donegal man gilbert buchan and fished prawns with her in galway bay and howth before settling in killybegs. was later sold to barna, galway and was reputedly sold to co.sligo but rumour has it too that she may have gone to balbriggan.can find out exactly where she is. when she left killybegs she was immaculate. regards frank.

Alexander West
8th December 2007, 20:08
yes thats him he sold her to guilbert i know that.wheres ballbriggan?? you say can find out exactly where she is did you mean cant?? yes she was immaculate right enough i seen pics out of irishnewspapers and she was beautiful !thanks for your help

8th December 2007, 22:03
will find out may take a few days. balbriggan north of dublin but i still believe shes about sligo.gracious lovely wee boat that certainly justified her name.

Alexander West
8th December 2007, 22:37
yes my great grandas name!