View Full Version : BANAMH AIGHSTIR - Jones Buckie - MFV Type Trawler Yacht

5th August 2010, 20:00
I am curious as to whether anybody knows anything about the above vessel?

I saw a small picture of her in an old magazine recently and was quite taken with her.

Any further information/pics would be appreciated.


8th August 2010, 14:16
Yard number 181 built in 1984 at a length of 45ft is the info in the Jones book for Mandy Marine ,Banchory a pic of her on p266 the book is available t the Buckie heritage website

12th August 2010, 23:42
Thanks for the info, i shall look into it.

Do you happen to know if any of the drawings/plans from the Jones yard still exist? Might they be held by a museum somewhere and might 181 be hidden away with them?