View Full Version : do you need to be a senior member to upload photos

3rd December 2007, 18:27
this might be a silly question but do you need to be a senior member to be able to upload photos

3rd December 2007, 19:36
Andrew, Any member can post on here, if you are having trouble posting, contact admin and they will help you

Davie Tait
3rd December 2007, 19:48
All of the info needed to upload photo's is in the sticky threads at the top of this forum page. Photo's need to be no more than 1024x768 and in .jpg format and they should upload without any problem.


Kev Munro
4th December 2007, 12:05
Most of my photos are above 1024 x 768 Davie, they seem to upload no bother, the only problems i ever had was when the file size was over 2 mb. i always crop them now to reduce the file size.

5th December 2007, 16:40
what about JPEG

Kev Munro
5th December 2007, 17:18
on the upload page it says you can upload the following file types,


not that i know what any of them are! lol

5th December 2007, 17:56
when i get the photo ready and information typed in. The upload submit/button still stay`s grey and fayded and the picture is still all the right sizes and formats

5th December 2007, 18:20
Have you ticked the box beside the button.

5th December 2007, 18:33
yeh still not working maybe its my computer

6th December 2007, 18:44
for some reason i can now download photos so problem solved thanks anyway kev