View Full Version : Organised gangs targeting heavy equipment

31st July 2010, 23:51
I have been warned by the police that gangs are operating around Ireland (in fact anywhere) They after diesel,tools, gear and various equipment on farms, factories and Harbours. Size and weight seem to pose no problems to these blackguards. So keep it locked, indoors and well out of sight. Its hard working your ass off to have to buy the stuff but to see these gangs waltz away with it is even worse. A lock and a chain may cost a few quid but its worth it.

I have put it in the Euro section so it will stay up for a while!

Davie Tait
1st August 2010, 10:44
Good Idea , what I might do is set up a section for warnings like this if there's enough interest

3rd August 2010, 12:51
Thanks for that Davie,A farmer near us had 2000 lites of diesel nicked. they wait until you are not around put a small pump into your tank and then fill a tank in the back of a transit. can be done in minutes!

4th August 2010, 10:44
Stealing good equipment to cash in at scrap yards seems to be something that's happening a lot the now too.

Donegal Bay.
6th August 2010, 23:38
Not all going to scrap yards I'd wager, probably being sold to people who don't ask or care about the source.