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Davie Tait
21st July 2010, 18:21
This time not a photoshop special but real !!!

Sky News (http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Strange-News/Whale-Wrecks-Yacht-Forty-Ton-Beast-Lands-On-Paloma-Werner-And-Ralth-Mothes-Boat-Off-Cape-Town-SA/Article/201007315668647?lpos=Strange_News_Third_World_News _Feature_Teaser_Region_0&lid=ARTICLE_15668647_Whale_Wrecks_Yacht%3A_Forty-Ton_Beast_Lands_On_Paloma_Werner_And_Ralth_Mothes_ Boat_Off_Cape_Town%2C_SA)

3:16pm UK, Wednesday July 21, 2010

Huw Borland, Sky News Online
Two sailing instructors have told of the shocking moment a 40-ton whale came crashing down onto their yacht off the South African coast.
Ralth Mothes, 59, and his partner Paloma Werner, 50, were watching the beast at a distance, near Cape Town, when it moved towards their 32ft-vessel Intrepid.

"I thought, 'Surely, it can't be on a collision course with us,'" Mr Mothes said.

But the young Southern Right whale slipped out of view before suddenly flipping into the air and smashing the Intrepid's mast.

The massive mammal thrashed around on the vessel before rolling back into Table Bay.

There were bits of skin and blubber left behind, and the mast was wrecked. It brought down the rigging too.

Miss Werner

The stunning scene was photographed by a nearby sailor.

Miss Werner was quoted by News 24.com as saying: "Thank God we had a steel yacht. If it had been fibreglass, we would've been history. We are lucky to be alive."

"It really was quite incredible, but very scary," she continued, in The Daily Telegraph.

"We'd spotted it about 100 metres away… then suddenly it was right up beside us.

"I assumed it would go underneath the boat but, instead, it sprang out of the sea."
The beast seriously damaged the vessel

The whale, which was between 35ft and 45ft long, snapped the Intrepid's mast in two.

Miss Werner added: "There were bits of skin and blubber left behind, and the mast was wrecked. It brought down the rigging too."

The couple's mast and the engine cover will reportedly cost about £10,000 to repair.

21st July 2010, 23:49
Hopefully the whale has a good insurance...:D

23rd July 2010, 18:34
The beast seriously damaged the vessel

bit of an understatement really.:eek:

Davie Tait
23rd July 2010, 19:43
I think "No shit sherlock" comes to mind Neil lol

24th July 2010, 13:09
i was trying to be polite for once, Davie.lol

aparently a fisherman in another boat took a video of the "collision" and it was shown last night on tv, but i fell asleep before the news finished and didn't see it.....usual situation for me, lol

Davie Tait
24th July 2010, 19:33

Thats it Neil..... think clean underwear would have been needed lol

29th July 2010, 19:27
Here is a "stabilized" version of the video clip complete with the original sound track.


Also some more images and local comment:


Brgds, Vector