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ian ingham
11th July 2010, 19:42
can any one give me some advice on what the foam you use inbetween the ribs when building from scratch is called and where you get it from please ?

bill wood
12th July 2010, 21:39
I use blue foam that I pick up from the shipyards.
Try a builders merchant.

The reason for the blue foam is that the car filler does not react with it

If you cannot get a suitable foam I would try the ordinary foam but cut it short and seal with gunstrip paper then varnish
Hope this helps

12th July 2010, 22:03
You should look in the model gallery sections where the model maestros show how they do it so well. Bill Wood has clarified somewhere (cannot find the thread) there that he uses blue insulation board which is probably extruded polystyrene foam board. Possibly purchasesd from Wickes stores. Other boards may 'melt' when using cataloy type pastes. There is a wealth of model making information on timber and plastic in that section which is second to none. Master class is good for seeing it through.

I have wondered if it would be feasible to use a thin layer of the fibreglass filler (P38) as a base on top of crushed newspaper as background, making sure it is pressed against the wood profile formers, before using cataloy as the top finish instead of the foam board packed in. Haven't tried it yet so there may be problems that way.

I am sure the ordinary white extruded polystyrene bead board worked when filling cars many years ago in a not dissimilar manner to the model method. But then you never saw the reverse side ever again in cars.

The other possibility is using aerosol spray foam, which expands enormously (4 times) but I havn't tried that either as yet.

I am sure someone else will give you a more exact answer.


ian ingham
13th July 2010, 21:43
Thanks for your advice Bill most helpful

ian ingham
13th July 2010, 21:44
Thanks for your help most helpful

14th July 2010, 09:49

The evening typing of my reply was too slow and overtaken by a reply from one of the maestros himself. So good luck.

Correction: The P38 should have read P40 which is the one with fibre strands in it. I use it for lots of different jobs as it is very strong and bomb proof.