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25th November 2007, 14:24
Hi All,

This is my first post, so please be gentle with me!!

I have my own website, English Electric Growl [www.12csv.com], dedicated to the 12CSV diesel engine, the 12CSVM is the deriative used for marine applications.

Although I have known for a while of the marine applications, I have been unable to find any actual 'proof' until very recently. I have found a brochure produced by RUSTON PAXMAN for a Trawler called the 'Gavina' that was fitted with an English Electric 12CSVM diesel engine. Now besides getting photographs of this craft, I am eager to find out more information about this and any other craft that had a 12CSVM installed.

I hope someone can help, if you think you can? I can be contacted at contribute@12csv.com