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24th November 2007, 18:09
hi all .. question who says what vessel goes to the decommissioning scheme , how much is paid per vessel if any , who says how much, can the vessel be sold off say for live aboard i.e private use and not for fishing???????? regards mike

Davie Tait
24th November 2007, 19:51
Hi Mike,
The Decommissioning schemes used to pay out so much ( but always quoted in Euro's ) per VCU point I think. The licence had to be surrendered and the boat must be scrapped. What happened in the last round was that the boats were delivered complete and operational to the yard ( mostly in Denmark ) where the Wheelhouse was removed whole for resale , along with all the winch's deck machinery , Engines , etc. Usually the only thing left to destroy was the hull with the rest being refurbished and sold on.

The only way that any vessel can be decommissioned and not destroyed is if its to be donated to a museum. You can't sell the boat for any other use and get the decommissioning money now.


25th November 2007, 22:50
hi thanks for the reply,,, what a waste of very good vessels, no doubt the uk follows the rules to the letter where everyone else in the EU bends them to suit their needs..I know here in Spain when we are out and about on the coast we see thinks that are not to the rules and are told "so what" this is Spain not the UK..



martin johns
26th November 2007, 20:19
The reason that all de-commissioned boats have to be scrapped is that a trawler that was de-commissioned in the early eighties (at Fleetwood I think) was later returned to the industry after being initially used as a houseboat when paid out on.
As far as I'm aware the situation in France is worse & all onboard equipment also has to be scrapped. Thats the official line anyhow. Reality is probably much different !

26th November 2007, 21:01
Dont know why you have to scrap the boat as its the licence that is taken out of the system they should have just placed a ban on one being rebought for the said vessel a lot of bonnie boats are gone because of this

27th November 2007, 20:09
win win situation, paid to build them then paid to scrap them

28th November 2007, 09:56
win win situation, paid to build them then paid to scrap them

How true Bobbobbin grants and loans to build then money to scrap. And still they are moaning.