View Full Version : scottish fish quotas

20th November 2007, 19:21
my friends doin a report in college "are the fishin qoutas in scottish waters fair" and he would appriciate some opinions

cheers Craig

21st November 2007, 07:23
"Fair" you got to be kiddin me right !!!! The amount of fish i've seen slaughterd this year is truely shocking, thousands of boxes of mature cod dumped back over the side dead because a pen pusher in Brussels say's we cant keep them.These last few months have been getting worse as we have also had ti dump Hake, Tusk, Megrim, Plaice, great for conservation.:mad:

21st November 2007, 11:43

been in the news recently, footage of one the prawn boats out of hartlepool shown,

My opinion, leave the CFP asap. EU have caused nothing but pain for the scottish fleet and caused more damage than good.