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Davie Tait
7th April 2010, 21:01
Found a few photos of ex-Scottish boats still fishing out of South Africa.

The 1973 built Pathway PD65 : http://www.shipspotting.com/modules/myalbum/photo-1090904-Alert+III

The 1972 built Quo Vadis A778 : http://www.shipspotting.com/modules/myalbum/photo-1090976-Star+Crest

Found this one , she looks like an old BF boat but can't put a name to her anyone know ?? : http://www.shipspotting.com/modules/myalbum/photo-1090917-Southern+Belle

martin johns
7th April 2010, 21:42
That Quo Vadis used to be one of my favourites when she came down here, sister boat to Stephens if I remember.
None of them come close to the Sette Mari though :D

That third boat looks a bit like the 2nd Coronella but seems too small to be her.
Or the Pegwell Dawn/ 1st Orcades Viking but she was apparently scrapped in the mid-nineties.

Davie Tait
7th April 2010, 21:59
Must admit that I did think it was the Coronella but just not sure enough. The last Coronella is still fishing out of Wavis Bay Namibia and still has that "odd" tank aft of the wheelhouse !!

8th April 2010, 07:53
The Quo Vadis was not the sister ship to Stephens
The sister ship to Stephens was called Spes Magna
The were owned by the McCullough brothers
Bobbie went on to own the Voyager K, now sold to Peru, I think
A new Voyager K is currently under construction
and Sammy now owns the Stephanie M

8th April 2010, 07:56

Could be either of the twins
Stephens or Spes Magna

8th April 2010, 20:05
its the quo vadis ok. built 1972 for kilkeel later sold to pd renamed starcrest. spes magna lost west coast

Davie Tait
9th April 2010, 20:40
Found the Adenia. Built as the Gallic Rose BCK 109 , later Adenia LK193


9th April 2010, 22:12



22nd June 2010, 08:51

I understand that the new Voyager is ready for handover.
I wish Arnold and Robert all the best on their new vessel

8th August 2011, 14:24
the bf boat southern +belle looks like the crystal sea or radiant way