View Full Version : Test drive crash results in 300,000 insurance claim

Davie Tait
24th March 2010, 20:19


Repairs to a supercar damaged when a test drive went wrong near Aberdeen are set to cost an insurance firm 300,000.

The Pagani Zonda S, which would cost more than 500,000 to buy, was involved in a crash last September.

The car has been sent for repair to Modena in Italy, where the vehicles are made.

A spokesperson for insurers Aviva said: "This is the biggest insurance payout we have had for repairs to a private car in the UK."

'Painstakingly constructed'

The spokesperson said: "This is out of the ordinary for an insurer.

"Although the vehicle was badly damaged, Aviva decided that the car may be repairable and set about making arrangements for the car to be shipped across to Modena, Italy, home of Pagani, the vehicle manufacturer.

"There are roughly only 10 Zondas produced per year and they are painstakingly constructed."

The insurance claim was lodged by the test driver, not the owner of the car.

26th March 2010, 14:40
what kind of premium would they have to pay on a 500,000. car??????
on an 80,000. boat it was appx, 8,000,,,10%
is it 50,000. a year for the car????/ surely no???????

Davie Tait
26th March 2010, 19:39
I watched a program about the police in London and they were saying that the premium on a car like a Bently ( about 180,000 ) is around 40,000 a year.....

27th March 2010, 14:33
i suppose if you can afford a car like that the insurance will not be a problem.
mebey 80/90,000 a year for the pranged one then,,,???
be feared to drive it!!!

Davie Tait
27th March 2010, 19:46
The thing that the cops were on about on the program was that a lot of people owned very expensive cars but didn't bother to insure them as the fine was cheaper than the insurance. That all changed when the law was changed to let the cops confiscate the cars though lol

4th August 2010, 10:04
That's a pretty handsome amount to be delivered ever by an insurance firm!!

Anyways , Its just the 3/5 of the cost of the car

Anyways ,, where can I apply to get to be the test driver for that car ??


Robert Burdis
4th August 2010, 21:04
Ouch !!!!!!!!!!

4th August 2010, 23:47
Anyways ,, where can I apply to get to be the test driver for that car ??

BBC TOP GEAR at a guess.....the sort of trick those silly tossers would do, lol

hammond's favorite car is the Zonda...wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't him who'd been driving it, lol:eek: :eek: :eek: