View Full Version : ebay photos

17th March 2010, 09:59
having purchased some photos of armed trawlers from ebay they are being sold as original photos but are on new photo paper,
my question is who holds the copyright for these images and will they be able to be posted anywhere.
having searched other sites i have found one of the images with a great big copyright mark on it. could the other pics be lifted off other sites
have any other members found the same

Davie Tait
17th March 2010, 19:41
If the guy on Ebay is selling them as Original prints but they are just fresh prints out of his printer then report him to Ebay for misleading advertising. As for copyright this guy could have downloaded the images from an online site and printed them out without permission so its a bit dodgy to put them online I'm afraid

17th March 2010, 20:28
i have sent the seller a message and as yet have not had a reply,
they didnt cost much but that isnt the point