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28th February 2010, 16:20
Hi all does anyone know where i can get a net hauler from for my cygnus 12th scale

Regards Fishinguy:)

28th February 2010, 23:44
Hi all does anyone know where i can get a net hauler from for my cygnus 12th scale

Regards Fishinguy:)

Should be easy enough to make one yourself from pictures or photographs. If you know some skipper that has one on his boat , ask him if you can photograph and measure it. Most gear like this has to be made, as model shops don't carry many specialized parts.:) :)

11th March 2010, 15:15
Depends what sort you want mate try andy griggs at modelsbydesign or pm me and i can make you a brass one


11th March 2010, 17:04
I want a net hauler like the one on this link http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=66879

martin johns
11th March 2010, 17:20
Thats a Spencer Carter NHO 3. If you go onto the Spencer Carter website they have drawings of all their net haulers on PDF files that can be printed out.

12th March 2010, 08:32
I may be able to help
I am currently modelling Rapp Hydema Powerblocks
These can be manufactured in any scale you require
My plan is to make Fishing Boat parts such as Hiab type cranes, Powerblocks, winches, Net Haulers, etc. to scale.
I have the first batch of Hiabs and Powerblocks completed
I can take a picture and try and post it on the website.
I havent got the prices sorted just yet, maybe next week
The Net Haulers were due to be designed after the winches but if you are desperate I could bring it forward for a small fee ( a bottle of single malt )
Comments please

14th March 2010, 08:53

Having got the first powerblock parts I have carried out some further design work
All powerblocks will be based on rapp Hydema units
Next in line will either be Spencer Carter winches or nethaulers

martin johns
14th March 2010, 12:51
What sort of scale will they be made in Fifie ?

15th March 2010, 08:20
The parts at the moment are 1=12 & 1=16 this is to suit the models I am currently making, this is the scale that I will keep for sale.(Cygnus etc)
Scale can be to suit whatever model you are making
My next model will be either 1=25 or 1=33

martin johns
15th March 2010, 11:25
That sounds good Fifie. I am currently in the early stages of building a Gemini catamaran at 1/16 scale so I'll be interested in the deck gear you are making at that scale.

bill wood
18th March 2010, 07:12
Hurry up with the 1:33 scale
Whats the approx price?

18th March 2010, 08:36
There is quite a lot of work in creating the original design that the finished models are made from, There is a lot of post design checking to be done
The current situation is that as of this morning the following designs are ready for production
1=12 Hiab Type Cranes & Rapp KBFM Powerblocks
1=16 Hiab Type Cranes & Rapp KBFM Powerblocks
The Hiabs are based upon the crane fitted Elegant 11 B907 currently fishing from here in Kilkeel
Prototypes of the 1=16 are to hand and design changes have been made to improve various items such as pivot rigidity etc.
I hope to have 1=24 & 1=32 versions complete by friday night
It is intend to have a batch run of cranes & a batch of powerblocks @ all 4 scales next week
What the batch consists of is not yet decided but will contain at least one of each type & scale.
Will a 1=32 do for your 1=33.
Or do you want a special ? ( extra cost @ this stage ), if you do I might be able to get it made next week.
You have to bear in mind this is not a commerical operation and is done mainly to keep the grey cells working.
Cost you ask
Well the cost is based on what I am charged for the material & machine time plus VAT & carriage.
There will also be a small charge to cover my expenses and time.
The bigger the batch of one type & scale that can be put together will affect price slightly.
I trust this keeps everybody informed
Back to the computer now

25th March 2010, 07:56

Do you want a kit or a fully built part

25th March 2010, 14:58
a full built part 1/12th scale

25th March 2010, 17:44
A Kit is going to be a lot cheaper

26th March 2010, 21:20
how much for a kit then

bill wood
27th March 2010, 23:08
How much for a 1/32 -1/33 unit
a) Complete


28th March 2010, 09:09

They are produced as a complete part only
Prices by end of week
I get told off for putting forward these parts on another forum
I am not doing this exercise for profit
More to cover costs and to keep the braim active

28th March 2010, 09:12

Have design at such a stage that I might be able to get you a price end of week

28th March 2010, 09:25
Just a thought

I may be able to design a kit in the future subject to demand
This might ease painting but might increase cost slightly
Any thoughts anybody

10th May 2010, 16:04
i would be interested in power blocks at ! to 12th, too,

i reckon there would be alot of demand for these....

bill wood
10th July 2010, 19:44
I have just had a chance to inspect some samples of thes blocks/haulers at various scales and must say that I am very impressed with them.

Alistair Craig aka 'Fifie' on this site has done a great job making these from laser cut resin. I dont know how he does it but the results are very realistic even including the screwheads on the cover plates.

These come in various scales and configurations and I intend to use them in future as I cannot make them as good and the price is very reasonable

Alistair is also making the hydraulic cranes and window bezels.

I would reccomend these items to any modeller whether beginner or experienced.

Further details can be obtained from Alistair on info@bellrockmodels.com
or www.bellrockmodels.com

Bill Wood