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10th November 2007, 14:08
Does any one have any information or photos of either the above boat or her sister ships. I have just bought this boat and am keen to obtain any information on the boat, its previous owners, or the Ruby yard and its history. Thanks in advance for any help or info you might have.

20th November 2007, 12:12
One assumes you bought her via the BoataAndOutboards ad but just in case you didn't this is what they had:-
BUT THIS IS THE HISTORY....MY FRIEND HELEN WHO LIVES IN THE YARD HAD A DANISH MFV AND WHEN WE LOOKED AT THE HISTORY...this boat used to be called the Bette Ruby and was made for the Ruby family in Torburon, Denmark, (a famous Danish family who had been in the fishing industry for 100's of years) there were only 3 made to this spec and quality, the Bette ruby - that was the fathers boat built in 1947 (mine),the Peder ruby, (believed to be in Dover/Ramsgate) one of the sons boat, built around 1951 and the Rikki ruby - built 1955 for the other son.That was the one Helen owned which is now lying in Hamble.When Helen went to Denmark to collect hers everyone was saying how lucky she was as the "Ruby" boats were extremely well made and of the highest spec and quality.So people in the know, are impressed by the Ruby boats!We then started looking through all the paperwork I have.She was brought over from Denmark at some time in 1986 (and her name changed to Harold John) and continued to fish out of Grimsby from 1986 till 1992 (I have copies of the fishing licenses) she was then de-commissioned in 1993 and bought by two chaps who turned into a charter boat in scotland(I have the original newspaper article) and I also have the original survey from 8th September 1994 and was valued at 48,500.She was then sold to the chap who owned her before me in November 1998 who then brought her down from Scotland and put her in gosport. I have various receipts for work done on her at Camper & Nicholson.So she has some extremely interesting history (backed up by a lot of original paperwork) and turns out to be one of only 3 made to this spec and quality.This is truly a historic and important craft.


25th November 2007, 10:01
Thanks for that Ian