View Full Version : Request for info on the VERBENA from Kirkcadly

Davie Tait
7th November 2007, 22:34
Can any of our Fife members help with this enquiry??

Hi My name is Mike and I was the last owner of a vessel called VERBENA from Kirkcadly I say last as we lost her in the bay of Biscay in Feb 1997.
i am trying to find out all I can about her working life before she became a live aboard/cruiser to which we use her for.
any info no matter how small would be of a great help, I am also trying to find out what make and type of engine she had , as when I had her she had just had a new one fitted.
Kind Regarda

Mike is a member here ( tbr ) and can be contacted through the PM or Email system if you do not want to post anything here.

Thanks in advance


bill wood
12th November 2007, 18:52
Best bet is the Fisheries Museum in Anstruther or there may be info in a book by J Tarvit from the same area and also connected to Anstruther lifeboat.

Slim threads but a start.

Tommy K
15th November 2007, 12:46
Gloria Wilson's book "More Scottish Fishing Craft and their work" has some mentions of Verbena,launched Sept 1955 but had to wait for her 152hp Gardner so started fishing in July 1956.