View Full Version : Kelvin prop

7th November 2007, 12:45
Anyone know where there might be a 42" to 45" prop suitable for a Kelvin installation. The T4 engine with 2.5:1 RG12 box is supposed to have 42.5" dia. x 39" pitch. Shaft is 3.5". Some prop calculator software is suggesting 44" dia. x 50" pitch.
Willing to go diving to locate if it's not too deep...;)

20th November 2007, 12:08
Hi Davie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I did send an email to this advert but never got a reply. One of the problems is the cost factor. It is for a boat that is not used much and it would only give an extra knot thereby saving small amounts of fuel. I need to do the sums more acturately to see where the fuel cost savings justifies the expense.