View Full Version : R.I.P. Robert "Bob" Croft

5th February 2010, 20:15
I don't know how many of the members might have seen Bob's superb paintings of very detailed trawlers and fishing boats in their passing, but sadly it has been reported that Bob passed away last week after a long fight against lung cancer.
I am lucky to have two of his paintings and will always treasure them.
His talent will be sadly missed, as he as a person.
How ever he will have a fitting and lasting tribute to his time on this earth, in a new weather vane in the shape of an old steam trawler mounted on the top of the Mount Pavillion in Fleetwood, that he designed ,erected just a few weeks before he passed away.
May he have a safe and peaceful rest, and prayers go to his family.
RIP, Bob. you have left this world a better place for your talent and time on it..

Alan Duggan
12th November 2010, 12:45
Im a bit late to this but im glad i found the thread.

RIP Robert.

I have one of his paintings and i love it. He was a very talented artist.