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1st February 2010, 17:29
hi everyone made my mind up im going to buy a CYGNUS SF 33 16th scale from models by design anyone got one and how good are they

cheers fishinguy

Davie Tait
1st February 2010, 20:00
From the posts I've seen on modelboatmayhem.co.uk they are good kits/hulls. There are a couple being built and the progress shown on the MBM site if you have a look. Good value for money by all accounts.

21st March 2011, 16:31
Is models by design still operating? I have been trying to contact him by email with no luck, Anyone have contact with them recently?

Davie Tait
21st March 2011, 18:40
They've got their phone number on their web site Andy so try phoning them , some small scale producers can be difficult to contact by Email and phoning is normally best bet

21st March 2011, 18:52
Cheers Davie,
I will give it a day or two more then try them on the phone. emails are much cheaper for me tho

martin johns
22nd March 2011, 16:14
Not wishing to be pedantic but the SF 33 that "models by design" make is basically their GM 33 model with a bulbous bow.
The full sized SF 33 has 2ft more beam than & 2ft more draught than the GM 33 & is a much bigger boat all round. Really well moulded models though

22nd March 2011, 16:47
Just spoke with Andy on the phone, ordered the GM 38. Going to be moulded the right colour which is a bonus. When I get building I shall post some progress reports.