View Full Version : smith and hutton plans for venture again

Manx Venture
23rd January 2010, 20:27
im currently building a model of my own boat the manx ranger and my mate that skippers the venture again PL.39 has asked if id make him a model of her, wonding if any 1 would possibly no were id get the frame diagrams or a basic plan of her, she was built smith and hutton, anstruther in 1966 as the Venture A.722

bill wood
27th January 2010, 13:50
I dont know any details of the Venture Again butI have a GRP hull of Internos a 47' round stern built by S&H in 1957. The Shangrila KY was the 1st transom stern boat built by S&H in 1966/67 approx

When built there were probably be no lines plans. maybe some bits and pieces can be found in fisheries Museum. Ask Will taylor to sniff around.


Manx Venture
27th January 2010, 22:27
hi bill, i sent u a PM