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23rd December 2009, 11:14
Yes..............last night I was banned from buying and selling on ebay.co.uk

15 months ago I was sent a voucher "because I was a loyal and valued customer" for 20% off my next purchase.

So with 4 hours 10 minutes to go before the expiry time of that voucher I bought a model lifeboat, including post cost me 450.00p.

I submitted the voucher and Ebay rejected it without ant explanation.....Now to me that is a breach of contract.

17 emails and 4 telephone calls to their Customer service (that's a laugh) department later and I still hadn't got anywhere with a refund of about 90 quid on my voucher.Each and every time I emailed I asked for their European mailing address to send a letter of complaint...and each and every time it was overlooked and not given to me.

So when my bill came the other day for 3.50 payable I refused to pay it....and finally after a few more emails to them and sod all response I got an email last night saying my account had been suspended, but all importantly finally was a mailing address, to where I could send my cheque.......so I have sent one..post dated to 23/03/2011....exactly the time that they have kept me waiting so far for my refund.

If anyone else is having problems with ebay...they can be mailed on:

eBay Europe S. r.l.
c/- Citibank UK Lockbox
P.O. Box 62449
33 Canada Square
London E14 1HH
United Kingdom

Arhh that feels good.