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5th October 2007, 23:47
Anyone got any ideas on getting a 15 metre boat from Ireland to Angola east Africa. We looked at steaming her down but reckon it would take about a month with everything going right and having a few pit stops for supplies and diesel. Have seen the ships that carry other boats on their decks. Cant find out how much it would cost. New buyer anxious to get boat before end of year.:cool:

6th October 2007, 00:22

Irish Mariner
6th October 2007, 01:21
Johnboy, I did a couple of projects like this from Ireland in the past. Where in Ireland is she. She could go as deck cargo depending on what type of vessel she is,totally at no risk to the carrier. You might get lucky with a vessel going from Ireland or UK down to the general area, I know lots of people in the industry if you have no luck.

11th October 2007, 19:22
Thanks Mariner will let you know how we get on. Looking at bringing her from Balbriggan to Portsmouth to get a ship there.